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Vencedores 2023

Best Dance Cover:

Best Female Artist Dance Cover (Grupo)

Best Male Artist Dance Cover (Grupo)

Best Styling

Best Filmmaking

Best Location

Best Dance Group

  • Relight

Best Dance Solo

  • Maptae Covers

Best Improvement:

  • Grupo: Neon

  • Solo: BCovers

Rookie Awards

  • Anna Ignez, Hari, Hea e XVI

Best Challenge

Best Short Version

Best Live Performance

Fan Favourite

  • Bia


Best Singing Cover (Solo):

Best Ballad

Best Rap

Best Mixing

Best Singing Solo

  • Salo

Best Singing Group

  • Dark Roses

Best Improvement 

  • Grupo: 3DGY​

  • Solo: LIX

Best International Version (Solo)


NYCTO (Pre-Show)

Stray Kids - Red Light + Seulgi&Irene -Monster

Oh Duck!

Dreamcatcher - Boca

B Covers

Sunmi - Siren

Maria e Mariana Tereso

Piano Medley 


TNX - Move


Stray Kids - My Pace


LOONA - Butterfly

Anna Ignez e Muse

Taeyeon - Here I Am


Hwasa - Mariah + ITZY - Wannabe

Projecto de Canto

CLC - No + (G)-IDLE - Nxde

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