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K-Pop Covers Portugal now has its own online dance classes “ SATURDANCE ”, with two very experienced teachers in the genre: Izzie Coroas and Sasha Costa .

Taking into account your experience in this field, the classes have different degrees of difficulty – which makes it much easier to choose which one you want to sign up for. It will be a lot of fun sessions, with no room for boring moments. At most… there are internet outages!  

We offer two payment options: single or monthly. Their prices are shown below. The methods to use are via PayPal, MB Way or Bank Transfer. Data will only be sent after registration through Google Form.

Curious to know what songs our teachers will teach you? Well, you will have that information… A week before each class! But as we are good, we also confirm them after the registration is made.

So, make a note on the agenda: every Saturday, between 11 am and 12 pm, you have K-Pop choreographies scheduled. This dance is yours alone, sign up and shine!

Izzie Coroas e Sasha Costa


Monthly fee: 15€

Single class: €7

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