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You who constantly ask us for more "offline" activities, we finally bring you our 2023 bet!

4X4 is a Random Dance Play, but unlike other RDP, this one will have 4 editions during the period of one year, all of them respecting a single motto, but each one with its specificity.

It means:

1 year = 4 RDP = 4 correlated topics

The motto for 2023/2024 is... Seasons of the Year:

  1. Spring - 05/27/2023 - Portugal Pavilion

  2. Summer - 05/08/2023 - Amphitheater of Parque da Cidade, Porto

  3. Autumn - 10/14/2023 - Praça do Comércio, Coimbra

  4. Winter -TBA

The dates for each of the 4x4s will be announced on the 4th of the month prior to the RDP. The idea is also to take this activity to various parts of the country!

Access ourSpotify to discover all the 4X4 playlists! 

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