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Opened in November 2016, the Biblioteca de Marvila is the largest public library in Lisbon.

The space has 2600 m² spread over two interconnected buildings: an old oil mill (Quinta das Fontes) to which a second, more recent building was attached to accommodate the entire literary archive.  


Books and memories of the past thus appear side by side, between reading and working rooms and play areas for babies and children. The library also has an auditorium - the main stage that has hosted KCAP in recent years - and a cafeteria and equipped kitchen, accessible to all, which serve as support for any event and also as a space for socializing.

On the 26.02.2022 we will be present again in Marvila to show you the fifth edition of KCAP 2022!

Foto da fachada da Biblioteca de Marvila, Lisboa
Foto da parte de tras da Biblioteca de Marvila, Lisboa
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