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What is it?

How it works?

The biggest event organised by KCP is KCAP. So far, it's the only awards gala that aims to honour the community of coverists in Portugal, where the best covers made during the year are rewarded.

Like ceremonies such as the Oscars, over the course of a year five videos are nominated for each of our various categories and from those five, one winner. All this is done with the help of an impartial jury. Participants must follow a set of criteria and requirements in order to guarantee their qualification for the gala and their possible nomination.


Foto do público da primeira edição do KCAP

The first edition took place on 10.02.2018 at the Carnide Cultural Centre in Lisbon, with more than 30 groups and solos taking part and various performances, as well as a very well-composed audience, lots of entertainment and the spirit of Hallyu Wave!


The second edition took place on 02.03.2019 at the Marvila Library, Lisbon, with the theme "Union" and with an equally well-composed audience as in the first edition, lots of entertainment, lots of surprises and lots of motivation!

Foto do público da segunda edição do KCAP


Foto do público da terceira edição do KCAP

The third edition took place again at the Marvila Library, Lisbon, on 29.02.2020 with the theme "Blooming" seeing our show grow in audience and love for K-Pop!


The fourth edition was special because, due to the pandemic situation around the world, we had to turn to YouTube to bring you this gala with the theme "Dreams". 
Live from the Marvila Library, Lisbon, on 27 February 2021, we saw the love they have for the cause not through applause, but through supportive comments!

Foto com as apresentadoras do KCAP 2021
Foto do público da quinta edição do KCAP

The fifth edition took place on 26 February 2022 and not only did it have a sold-out box office, an exhibition and the support of the Embassy of the Republic of South Korea.

The theme was Celebration, to mark the event's fifth anniversary, and once again we had the Marvila Library to support us every step of the way.

Continuing the success of the previous year, the 2023 edition was sold out weeks before the event took place. The gala took place in two parts: a pre-recorded livestream, entitled "ACT 1", which was broadcast via YouTube on 24.03.2023. In it, we handed out some initial prizes. On 25.02.2023, the usual in-person gala took place at the Marvila Library, with various activities, performances and the unveiling of the remaining winners. This year's theme was FREEDOM.

Foto do público da sexta edição do KCAP




A bússola apontou o norte e na sétima edição do KCAP fomos até ao Porto! No dia 02.03.2024 estivemos muito perto de esgotar o auditório Francisco de Assis (Colégio Luso-Francês). 

O tema foi Metamorfose, com destaque para as Gerações do K-POP que revolucionaram este género desde os anos 90 até agora. Foi uma experiência completamente nova, fora da nossa zona de conforto, mas que talvez possamos repetir um dia!


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