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BIG NEWS... Finally, we have created a Patreon! And it's full of content so very exclusive, you'll feel like a real VIP star. Anxious to know all the details? We'll tell you all about it.

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At the end of June, we announced in our networks the launch of our Patreon, which serves as a way to monetize our work, as well as ensure exclusivity between our organization and our followers.

In all, we have 5 levels that you can join, all with their own prices and perks. Pay attention to the information of each one:


  • Monthly price of 3€;

  • A special voice message sent every month by a different team member;

  • Higher chance of winning giveaways;

  • An exclusive title on our Discord server.


  • A monthly fee of 10€;

  • Reception of news and announcements before they are made public;

  • Monthly reports on KCP;

  • K-Pop dance tutorials;

  • Includes the benefits of the previous level, Lovelyz.


  • Monthly price of 20€;

  • Vote on the content of online projects (Tag The Masters, Tag The Writers, Cover Maps);

  • Make specific requests on Patreon's exclusive content (dance tutorials);

  • Priority response in our messages;

  • Your content will be available on our networks on a monthly basis;

  • Includes the benefits of the previous levels, Lovelyz and Triple H.


  • Monthly price of 50€;

  • Behind the scenes content;

  • Monthly Q&A's;

  • Full access to unpublished project databases (Tag the Masters);

  • Sneak peaks of future projects;

  • Early entry ticket to all KCP events;

  • Includes the benefits of previous levels, Lovelyz, Triple H and The Boss.


  • Monthly price of 100€;

  • Exorbitant thank you messages;

  • Exclusive content (Twitch streams);

  • Monthly exclusive gifts and surprises;

  • Guaranteed VIP seats at all KCP events;

  • Commission work (help recording/editing covers) - max. 1/month

  • Includes the benefits of the previous levels, Lovelyz, Triple H, The Boss and Secret.

We also have a tier dedicated to our annual awards gala, K-Pop Covers Awards Portugal, which will be unlocked soon and available for a limited time. We take this opportunity to remind you that KCAP 2023 has already been announced. The rules are all updated, available here. If you want to participate in this edition and you haven't made a debut yet, you must do it until 31/08!

So... Sound good? Need more details about Patreon? Check out the official website to find out more!

It's hot tea you want? 👀 Join us! Subscribe and help us create a better k-pop community.... together. 🥰

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